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    Custom Foot Orthotics in Laguna Niguel


    Even if you have a proper fitting shoe, you may still have discomfort while walking or running. We can alleviate your discomfort and help you avoid injury with our custom foot orthotics. Not only does foot orthotics help avoid ankle and foot pain, custom foot orthotics can also help prevent and alleviate back and leg pain. Fill out the form to the right to speak with one of our therapists.


    Custom Foot OrthoticsCustom Foot Orthotics 

    Custom Orthotics

    A mile of walking contains about 2000 steps. The risk of injury becomes greater with each step you take without custom orthotics. The health benefits gained from a healthy walking regimen can quickly be negated with an injury due to an improper fitting shoe or orthotics that are not custom made.


    Our custom foot orthotics are for athletes who need to perform at their peak and non-athletes who have discomfort while walking. Contact us through the form above or give us a call at (949)443-5442 to speak with a foot orthotics expert today.