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    Dustin Hancock, Physical Therapist, DPTDustin HancockDustin Hancock, Physical Therapist, DPT

    Dustin is from Northern California, born and raised in Grass Valley CA.  He developed a respect for nature and importance of injury management while competitively snowboarding boarder cross.  He loved working as a ski bum in Tahoe at Sugar Bowl Ski Resort while finishing high school at Nevada Union.  He managed to play three D1 level sports baseball, basketball, and was heard to be a fairly fast short distance sprinter. This is where his passion for performance in extreme sports, a  constant pursuit adventure mixed with solitude and adrenaline, and preserving the body to continue the future adventures ahead.
    After becoming a professional ski bum he decided to move to Southern California to finish his Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and minor in Nutrition at San Diego State University.  He decided he had more gas in the tank to pursue a doctorate level Physical Therapy degree with an idea to change how Physical Therapy is perceived, accessed, and integrated as a normal check up.  He would love to develop facilities that integrate both normal population, rehabilitation, challenged athletes or wounded warrior performance training, and assist in advancing the quality of manual physical therapists exiting therapy schools.  These ideas will hopefully in the future help his younger brother who was born with Cerebral Palsy and Cystic Fibrosis.
    Dustin has a plethora of experience including:
    -Working with amputee/wounded warriors at the VA in La Jolla, CA
    -Gymnastic and dance specific restorative and performance based Pilates at the internationally known Polstar Pilates facility in Miami, FL
    -Spinal cord injuries, severe neuromuscular dysfunctions, and working with the research producing Gait Lab at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, CA
    -Vestibular, general balance, and head/neck/concussion rehabilitation at Balance Physical Therapy in Mission Viejo, CA. 
    -Performance and high level Orthopedic rehabilitation with professional triathletes, xterra female world champion, mountain bike enthusiasts(XC, enduro/downhill, roadies, snow and waterman sports, and bear foot runners.
    -Specialized level 2 Body Geometry Fit(BG Fit) certified for mountain bike specific fitting.
    -Developed a bio mechanical based functional testing system for performance enhancement and preservation for lifelong cyclists.
    Dustin’s formal education includes specialized training in cervical and lumbosacral manual therapy by both The Paris manual certification training(MCT) and the Australian based Maitland manual therapy training.  This approach fit’s his personality to use his hands to help people thrive and improve the quality of care for each patient.  He loves to teach others how their bodies move, mentors therapy aids/volunteers/students to improve the level of quality for future therapists, and you can see it pour out of him when you ask him for help.
    In the future, Dustin wants to build an extreme sport facility for challenged athletes to pursue a healthy active lifestyle. He has a vision to see people come from around the world to compete in his facility and push the limits of gravity. He is excited to start this venture with the Laguna Orthopedic Rehabilitation team and exceed expectations as he moves towards his inevitable future of pushing the limits of the human body. Come see him in action and you may agree he loves what he does.