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    Jentry Fields


    Jentry is the Director of Golf Fitness at South County Golf Academy. She also is an assistant coach for the JSerra Golf teams as their Mental and Fitness Coach. With her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from BYU-Idaho, she has a deep understanding of child development and the importance of athletics in developing bodies and minds. She is ACE certified, as well as Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 certified.

    Jentry specializes in athletic development, structured program design, and fundamentally sound workouts to help all ages grow in their athletic and strength abilities.

    Jentry has also worked with different levels and all ages looking to improve their golf game as well as their overall health and wellness. She has helped clients lose weight, improve their balance and posture, and increase their flexibility and stamina. Jentry has always had a passion for fitness, being involved in many sports including; golf, volleyball, basketball, surfing, and running. She is constantly looking for ways to learn, improve and help those she works with see the benefit of Fitness, and Healthy Living.

    The Game of Golf

    With the growth of the game, it is no surprise to see an increase in the number of golf related injuries. Playing golf is demanding on the body. The typical golfer walks approximately 4-5 miles, takes over 100 practice and actual swings, leans over 30-40 putts, and bends down 40-50 times, all during a single round of golf! This can potentially be stressful to the body. The golf swing involves a significant amount of bending, rotary forces, and torque. This creates a significant amount of stress and strain on the low back, neck, and extremities. Injuries are commonly caused by too much play, poor posture, and poor biomechanics during the golf swing.

    Performance Evaluation

    When evaluating the golfer we perform a full body screen to assess strength and range of motion specific to the golf swing. Following the evaluation we provide the following:

    • Individualized exercise program to address posture dysfunction, muscle strength imbalances, and muscle flexibility imbalances
    • Injury prevention exercises that are “golf specific”
    • Recommendation to golf pro or club fitter