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    Muscle Strain Therapy in Laguna Niguel


    Muscle strains are a very common injury. They can occur in any muscle on your body. Minor muscle strains can typically be treated at home with rest, ice, heat, and anti-inflammatory drugs. If you are an athlete, have a physically demanding job, or have a muscle strain that simply won't go away, then muscle strain therapy is for you.
    Muscle Strain TreatmentMuscle Strain Physical Therapy

    Muscle Strain Treatment

    Here at Laguna Orthopedic Rehabilitation (LOR) in Laguna Niguel, we provide muscle strain treatment to alleviate your pain and promote proper healing. Our experience in healing muscle strains are unrivaled in Orange County as our specialty is sports therapy. We are a therapist owned private practice who are devoted to your well being.


    To contact a physical therapist for muscle strain treatment, give us a call at (949)443-5442 or fill out the form to the right.