Front Office Staff


Alex Rau

Front Office Manager

Born and raised in Orange County, I am the only child of two humble parents originating from Ohio. Always fascinated by socio-cultural traditions, I pursued my love for studying other cultures while attending UCI, graduating with a BA in Anthropology, alongside a minor in Digital Arts. One of my best memories while attending university was creating photography in the dark room for up to eight hours or more a day.

LOR has been my first leap into the medical industry, and I have enjoyed it greatly. With 12 years customer service experience, I pride myself in my work; any insurance queries you may have I am eager to address. My goal for the front office is to create a warm, friendly environment that makes your routine trip to the PT clinic seem more like a second home.

A feline fanatic who attends CatCon annually, my better half Nathan and I are currently raising two rescued kitten siblings, Boxer and Delilah (my first adopted kitty Sabrina resides happily with my parents). Nicknamed “Bosscat” around the office, you will typically find me on an insurance mission somewhere between the back office and front office!


Danial Jones

Front Office Staff

A former animal technician, phlebotomist, and medical transcriptionist, I moved to Dana Point in 1985 and have enjoyed the beach life ever since. In 1993 I had my son Luke, who was born with a rare genetic skin disorder called recessive dsytrophic epidermolysis bullosa. I spent 21 years loving and providing the best life I could for my loving, caring, and amazingly awesome son. I was Luke’s full time caregiver, assisting him in all his activities of daily living. We spent a lot of time with family and friends, traveling and having fun, including going to New York to be on the Maury Povich show; going to Disney World; and attending an annual family camping trip to Yosemite.

Luke had a love for animals, talking me into getting three cats: Shilo, Miloh, and Speedy. A Christmas later, we  welcomed a puppy named Ziggy to the clan. Aside from spending time with our pets, I enjoy Zumba and mingling with my family, friends, and neighbors.

Having worked in the medical field for several years, LOR feels like home for me. I am the early-riser you will see as you arrive for your appointment starting at 7 am. I will always greet you with a smile, schedule your appointments, and help make your experience positive. I am eager to see our early morning patients and possibly share a cup of joe together! 


Sandra Wintermute

Front Office Staff

I was born and raised in New Haven, Indiana and am a proud Hoosier girl. I graduated from New Haven High Shool with an emphasis on early Childhood Development and the Arts.

My husband Hamp and I have been married for 22 years. We have two children, Nicholas and Samantha who are our pride and joy! I have spent most of my career in customer service and with children as a Preschool Teacher. I have made numerous mission trips to India with my husband and their team, also serving meals to the homeless once a month at the ASL in Laguna Beach.

You will meet me as you walk through the doors and sign in at the front office. You will always be greeted with a friendly, and helpful smile!


Shelly Miller

Front Office Staff

I was born and raised in beautiful Portland Oregon and moved to Southern California to attend Scripps College, Claremont, where I received a BA in Dance.  My customer service career began early in the family jewelry business in Oregon, and continued in the family restaurant business where I opened restaurants and trained staff in California and Arizona. 

My love of serving all kinds of people and giving 5 Star Care in a personal way was modeled by my parents and is something I strive for personally and professionally.  I left the restaurant business to become a professional singer songwriter, (a passion continued from my youth), and entertained in California, Hawaii, Nevada and in Europe.  I have lived and worked in Hawaii for many years as well as in So Cal. 

I am currently working on my first book for children where the characters learn and teach how to see ourselves, each other and the world through the eyes of the heart.  I look forward to cheerfully welcoming and assisting you though your care here at LOR.

Physical Therapy Aides


John Brouwers

Lead Physical Therapy Aide

I was born and raised in Southern California and gained interest in the field of physical rehabilitation after spending time in athletic training rooms.  After receiving my Certificate as a Certified Massage Therapist, I continued my education at Cal St. University Northridge and majored in Kinesiology/Exercise Science. I further continued my education by obtaining my Certification through Titilest Performance Institute (TPI) as a golf fitness instructor. I am currently getting my degree as a Physical Therapy Assistant.

I have worked in Physical Therapy for well over a decade and worked in Convelesant Hospitals, Neuro-Rehabilitation, Orthopedics, and Pain Management. I take great pride in empowering and educating patients how to maintain their own bodies. In my free time, I enjoy playing ice hockey, golf, camping, working on home or car projects, and spending time with my wife and son.


Amelia Claud

Lead Physical Therapy Aide

I was born in San Ramon and raised in various parts of Kansas and Southern California. I started athletics at an early age, competing in gymnastics, diving, and then track and field at both the high school and collegiate level. After transferring from Boise State University, I graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University with a BA in Applied Health Sciences in 2016.  

I have over five years of experience in the field of health sciences and am blessed to work beside therapists who continue to teach me something new everyday. When I’m not working, you can find me running the beach trails in beautiful San Clemente, cooking, kickboxing, cheering on the LA Dodgers and KC Chiefs, or simply at the local coffee shop.