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    You Should be Fit to Run, Not Run to Get Fit

    I was at a conference a few weeks ago titled the science of running and the above quote “you have to be fit to run and you should not run to get fit” really stood out to me...

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    Foam Roller Stretches for the Body

    I have found foam roller stretches to be a great way to improve soft tissue mobility, improve muscle flexibility, and prevent injury...

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    Picking the Right Running Shoes

    How many of you out there are running in shoes that are not comfortable? Many times I have gone to a running store where they have measured my foot length/width then had me stand on a force plate to measure my weight distribution and arch type. While running I realized that the shoe wasn’t that comfortable...

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    Athlete Super Foods

    These are just some of the many beneficial foods that help aid in overall performance, immune health and recovery for athletes...

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    Are you Stretching Properly?

    What is your goal when performing a stretching routine?  Are you wishing to increase range of motion or warm up before activity? There are many modes of stretching out there and a purpose behind each one...

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    Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day

    Build a Personalized Eating Plan! We all have unique lifestyles, traditions and health concerns. Not to mention tastes! So if you're ready to eat right, don't settle for a one-size-fits-all fad diet...

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    Cyclists with Hip Pain

    When treating the cyclist, I often run across reports of anterior hip pain. That is usually described as pain in the front of the hip or groin region. The pain behavior usually follows a pattern of increase in symptoms with prolonged sitting, cycling, or a motion described as bringing the knee up towards the chest...

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    Way to bring home the Silver medal Rachel!!!

    We are so happy and proud to have Rachel as part of our staff.  She just got back from South Korea from the World Championship Rowing competition and brought back the silver medal for the lightweight womens quad rowing!  Way to go Rachel and team USA!!!



     Congratulations to all the participants in the OC Triathlon!


    Patient appreciation

    Happy Mother's Day to all of our "mommy" patients!