Couch Stretch: An Important Stretch To Master

If there's one stretch you should consider making a part of your daily routine, it's the Couch Stretch.

Thanks to the demands of the modern world, we can be forced to spend a large amount of time sitting.

As a consequence, the front of our hips can become subtly stiff over time.

With this in mind it’s vitally important we have the means to combat this.

And this is where the Couch stretch earns its keep.

Its ability to loosen free up the front of the hip is unparalleled in modern stretching. Furthermore it's a great way to feed some much needed slack to the lower back and knees.

Aim to eventually feel comfortable being down on the floor, but considering those hips can be quite tight, try it with your back leg up in the back corner of a chair or couch.

Make sure you can comfortably breathe at all times for best results.

The Couch Stretch:
- Aim to get your back knee in to the corner of a wall or chair.

- With your bottom squeezed, come upright as far as you feel comfortable while maintaining a straight back

- You should feel a stretch of varying degrees up around the front of your hip and top of the thigh.

- Hold your best position for 2 minutes a side.

- If you cannot maintain comfortable deep breaths you’ve gone a little too deep.

Practice as often as you can, but increase your frequency on days populated with prolonged time sitting.

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