Nutritional Counseling


Medical Nutrition Therapy

Utilizes food and overall nutrition as a means to help alleviate symptoms, attenuate and decrease overall risk for chronic diseases, and cancers.  Evaluation of nutrition and health goals, lab work, medical and diet history, supplements, herbs, medications and current diet.  Composes a meal plan individualized to meet your nutritional and health goals, while suiting your lifestyle. Provides guidance on healthy lifestyle and behavioral choices, to help you achieve overall health.   

My Approach:
“To utilize mostly plant based foods for medical nutrition therapy and overall health  first, supplements second if warranted.”  

Sports Nutrition Comprehensive 

Encompasses medical nutrition therapy concept, while addressing athletic goals for sport, or training goals. Conducts body composition, sweat rate analysis, sports nutrition for pre, during and recovery nutrition with hydration guidelines.  Fueling recommendations provided on race day, tournament, and carbohydrate loading as warranted.  Individualized foundation sports meal plan and training fueling guidelines to help meet your athletic goals and achieve optimal performance.

My Approach:
“Eat Healthy, Train Hard, Improve Performance and Feel Good!”

Melissa A. Mathes, MPH, RD, CSSD
Master of Public Health
Registered Dietitian
Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics Certification in
Obesity and Weight Management Level II
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