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“PT has been great. I had never thought about all the ways I could treat my limited mobility/pain with solutions other than meds or surgery. I’m thankful that Susan has taught me ways to take care of and strengthen not only my jaw, but my posture, stress and wellness too. I’ve been chewing dried fruits and tough crusts of bread with ease, and my pain and discomfort have decreased dramatically. Thanks, Susan, Alyssa and the LOR team!” - Abby

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“As a competitive swimmer I needed to make sure my body was functioning properly, so I took a family referral to see John. After a few weeks of rehabilitation, the pain went away and I got back to training at full speed. After finding a comfortable space in LOR, I made sure to come back to John for every athlete ache and pain I came across, from shoulders to glutes. I have had nothing but the best here from the best people. (except when JT swindled me in a race).” -Owen


“Julie’s team has healed my seriously painful neck…The other body issues were related to my love of golf…I am in shock because after four weeks, I am now in a new frame of mind and pain free. I understand also why exercises I learned here have changed my life and lifestyle. Thank you- two tiny words for a huge amount of sincere gratitude.” -Jennifer

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“My daughter Kendra was a classically trained ballet dancer for 10 years when she suddenly broke her elbow… Kris worked with Kendra 3x/week for 8 weeks and restored her elbow! She has gone on to become one of the captains of the Aliso Niguel HS Dance Team and hopes to continue her dreams of dance in college.” -Christine


“I had a wonderful experience at LOR Physical Therapy.  I had severe pain in my left arm with an unknown cause.  Teri helped me pinpoint the root of the pain and gave me exercises that really helped.  I feel well prepared to continue the exercises on my own.  I also rarely have any pain now!  Thank you for all your help.”  -Lauren

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“The nerves in my back were causing tremendous sciatic pain in my hips and into my thighs. In only 3 short weeks of therapy the reoccurring pain had stopped! Thank you so much to Rachel and all the staff for help with my speedy recovery.” -Ted

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“Marni and Amelia were over the top recovering my shoulder from surgery. Having multiple issues, torn rotator cuff, A/C separation and disconnected bicep tendon, I have recovered over 6 weeks to almost 100%. Leaving today, I am able to play golf, swim and do push ups, activities that I was unable to perform for the last 5 years. I was very impressed with the methodical method provided to slowly build strength and flexibility. Every session provided vast improvement. I highly recommend LOR, they are the best.” -Bob


“The team at LOR did an outstanding job helping me recover from a broken wrist. I came in 1 week after getting surgery... I had almost no use of my left arm. Ninety days later with Chelsea’s help I was pumping out 30 pull ups, doing pushups, and returning to normal life. Thank you for all the help!” - Alex

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“I have had a positive experience at Laguna Orthopedic Rehabilitation. I had lower back pain which made it difficult to perform some daily activities. The physical therapy with Alex and other staff members has been very helpful. My back pain is much improved. I am back to doing all of my daily activities. " -Thomas