Break down your cycling mechanics with our 2D motion capture technology. This advanced technological system is used to accurately assess and analyze your exact movements. By the end of the first session you will know exactly what you need to to do to prevent or rehabilitate from an injury. Whether you are an advanced rider or a weekend warrior—this is system is for you.

Don’t just think rehab—
think performance.

What to Expect

A thorough history will be taken followed by placing LED markers on on your body that will assist with joint angle calculations as you cycle in the clinic. High speed cameras are utilized to capture your exact movements as you pedal.

A physical exam will follow with you receiving a written report and verbal explanation of the cause of your pain. Exercise recommendations to start your rehabilitation occur on day-1 and a time-frame for your expected recovery will be provided.


Cycling Evaluation (2hrs): $375
Follow-Up Sessions (1hr): $85
*Please bring your bike/shoes and wear athletic attire.

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