Do you have pain with cycling?
Do you know why you are having pain?

We break down your cycling mechanics with our cutting-edge 2D motion capture technology. This advanced motion-capture system is used to accurately assess and analyze your exact movements. Electromyographic BioFeedback (EMGBF) is also utilized to assess the quality/timing of relevant muscle groups as you cycle.

We don’t just treat your symptoms.
We find the underlying cause.

What to Expect

Your clinician will take you through a Physical Therapy exam to assess the quality of your musculoskeletal system. EMGBF will be utilized to assess the quality/timing of relevant muscle groups during the pedal stroke. LED markers will then be placed on different body regions. This will assist with calculating relevant joint angle calculations. High speed cameras are utilized to capture your exact movements.

You will receive a comprehensive explanation for the underlying cause of your pain at the conclusion of the evaluation. Exercise recommendations to start your rehabilitation occur on day-1 and a time-frame for your expected recovery will be provided.


Cycling Evaluation (1.5-2hrs): $350
*Current Patient Discount*: $250
Follow-Up Appts—Therapist Only (1hr): $125
Follow-Up Appts—Therapist/Aide (1hr): $85
Ask us about our package deals.
*Please bring your trainer/cycling gear.